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Bringing Ideas Together

Shaping the future through innovative cooperation.

QuantuMatriX Technologies is a cooperative partnership dedicated to combining services for its subsidiary partnerships. Each subsidiary partnership acts autonomously except for these combined services.

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ARROWHEAD is QuantuMatriX Technologies' innovative content delivery platform which allows developers and artists to quickly provide software and multimedia content to customers via a powerful, easy-to-use interface. It also allows for software development and multimedia creation to be accomplished through integrated, collaborative tools which keep teams connected and on the same page. Click the logo above to read more about ARROWHEAD and how it can work to bring greater productivity to your company. 

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QuantuMatriX Software is a QuantuMatriX Technologies subsidiary whose mission is to develop the most modern, efficient software possible—everything from beautifully crafted games which grip the consumer in a completely immersive experience, to carefully engineered development suites meant to greatly enhance productivity. Click the logo above to visit the QuantuMatriX Software web site to learn more.

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QuantuMatriX Entertainment is a multimedia-oriented subsidiary of QuantuMatriX Technologies providing publishing, production and promotional services. Their goal is to bring a modern approach to the entertainment industry for independent artists who require such services to complete and convey their works. Click the logo above to visit the QuantuMatriX Entertainment web site to learn more.